The best way to sell your car

Selling a car on your own is a lot of work. Auto Central will do the legwork for you and help you get a competitive, private-party price, which is often thousands more than a dealer trade-in.


Sell your car in 30 days or less

We’ll guarantee you a great price and help you sell your car for more. If it sells for more than the guaranteed price, we’ll split the difference with you.


Car selling simplicity takes over…

Schedule a free AC Inspectionat a time & place of your choosing.


We’ll quote you a great price that’ll never change.

We’ll find a buyer in 30 days or less.

Then, it’s time to say goodbye.

We’ll take care of all paperwork,and hand you an Official AutoCentral Check.


We’ll pick your car up,and deliver it to its new home.

How do i know I’m getting a fair price?

Our incentives are aligned to get you the most money for your car. To arrive at the best listing price, we evaluate current listings for comparable cars in your area. We then add or subtract value based on the precise condition of your car and its parts.

What about the kelley blue book value?

Unlike Kelley Blue Book, Auto Central technology analyzes real transactions in your current market—tracking actual buyer demand for cars like yours.  So while our quotes often deviate from the KBB value, they’re ultimately more accurate.

Under lock and key

Your car is kept in a secure facility. When a potential buyer requests a test drive, your car will be brought to them sale-ready and looking its very best.  Although we’re unlikely to experience any issues, AC is covered by an industry-leading insurance policy should something happen to your car while we have it.

You saved money and time. Looks like you’ll never buy a car from another dealership again and you can’t wait to tell your friends about how savvy you areus.

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Save Money and time


The average private sale takes 4-months. Auto Central sales are guaranteed within 30 to 60 days of accepting your AC offer.


Auto Central’s magical pricing algorithm uses market data to ensure Sellers get more, and Buyers pay less.


The average private sale takes 4-months. Auto Central sales are guaranteed within 30 to 60 days of accepting your AC offer.


Auto Central’s magical pricing algorithm uses market data to ensure Sellers get more, and Buyers pay less.

Convenience at last.

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